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Globle Game: Guess the Country

Globle will test your knowledge of geography. The goal of the game is to find the mystery country on the world map. After each guess, you will see on the map the country you have chosen and the hotter the color, the closer you are to the hidden country. You have an unlimited number of guesses, so use the color hints and find the target country as soon as possible.

How to play Globle?

  1. Enter first guess

    To start the game, enter the name of any country. Next, the territory of the country will be highlighted on the globe and you will receive further hints. Enter first guess
  2. Follow the hints

    Explore clues to find the mysterious country faster. The hotter the color of the territory of the country, the closer you are to the hidden country. Also the number of kilometers/miles will show how far this country is. Follow the hints
  3. Guess the country

    Try to guess the country in the minimum number of tries. Play with your friends in the daily game mode or train your memory in the practice mode. Guess the country
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