Worldle Game: Guess the Country

Worldle will test your knowledge of geography. Game Rules: You have 6 chances to guess the country according to the shape of its territory. After each guess, you will see the distance to the mysterious country and the direction in which it is located. Can you guess the country in 6 tries?

How to play Worldle?

  1. Make your first guess

    To start the game, look at the shape and outline of the territory and try to guess the name of this country. You have only 6 tries to guess this country. Make your first guess
  2. Look at the hints

    After each incorrect guess, you will receive hints about the distance to the hidden country and the direction where it is located. Look at the hints
  3. Guess the country

    Try to guess the mysterious country in 6 tries. Share your result with your friends and play together! This game is great for developing your geographical skills. Guess the country
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